• BlockFi Review: Pros, Cons, and Should You Use It In 2022

    BlockFi is one of the more-interesting crypto platforms on the internet. It acts as a platform that offers multiple different crypto-related services in one place. That is definitely convenient, and voids any possibility of mishandling your assets due to there being too many different services that would need to be managed at the same time.

    That is only the case if BlockFi is legitimate, though. Whether or not that's the case is something that we’ll try to figure out right here, in this BlockFi review! Well, THAT, and a lot of other, related things, too. At the very end, I’ll also show you how to register on BlockFi, too - stick around!


    • Commission-free exchanges
    • Up to 8,6% compound interest
    • Ability to take out crypto loans
    • A simple-to-use platform
    • Regulated and located within the US
    • Automated trades


    • No FDIC asset insurance
    • Not available in some countries  

      Table of Contents

    • 1. BlockFi Review: PROS
    • 1.1. A Commission-Free Cryptocurrency Exchange Service
    • 1.2. Compounding Interest Accounts
    • 1.3. Low APR Loans
    • 1.4. Easy to Use
    • 1.5. Regulated by and Within the United States
    • 1.6. Automated Recurring Trades
    • 2. BlockFi Review: CONS
    • 2.1. No FDIC Asset Insurance (Gemini Insurance Might Apply)
    • 2.2. Very Limited Free Withdrawals
    • 2.3. Not Everyone in the Wishlist Will Receive the Credit Card
    • 3. How to Use BlockFi?
    • 3.1. How to Register on BlockFi?
    • 4. Conclusions
    • BlockFi Review: PROS

      We’ll start our BlockFi review by discussing some of the main benefits that you can expect to receive while using the platform in question. Addressing the elephant in the room straight from the get-go, the very first things that we’d need to check out are the actual core features that BlockFi offers to its users.

      A Commission-Free Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

      Obviously, one of the core aspects of the BlockFi crypto platform is that it can act as an exchange service. Not any exchange service, though, but a completely fee-less one, at that!

      That’s right - probably the core feature that makes the platform stand out of the exchange and brokerage crowds is the fact that there are no BlockFi fees. You can trade to your heart’s content, without worrying that potential fees are going to dig into your profits. There is still a spread, sure, but that's to be expected.